Wood DoorsSpicing up your kitchen or bathroom? Planning to add some flair to your cabinets on a budget? Refinishing or refacing cabinets yourself can save you hundreds of dollar versus hiring a professional. However, if you choose to repaint your cabinetry, you must avoid these 3 painting mistakes.

1) Starting or finishing incorrectly

Start correctly. Before you paint anything a primer should first be applied unless a primer is made into the paint. If you don’t prime the paint well in advance then it will have to be redone because the paint will peel. Add one or two coats of an oil-based primer.

Finish correctly. Add a coat of water based polyurethane to protect your cabinets from normal wear and tear. Make sure that it is water-based polyurethane so that it will dry clear. Adding this will extend the life of your paint job for years.

2) Position doors incorrectly when painting

If doors are painted vertically, then you risk drips happening and having to restart the entire process. Lay cabinet doors down horizontally when being painted. After painting one side and before painting the other side, protect what you have just painted by using an old towel so that the paint won’t get scratched.

3) Keeping the doors on the hinges

We know it’s tempting, but don’t do it. You will get a clean finish if you don’t try to paint over the hinges and just hinges before painting.

When refacing your cabinet doors, you can choose to sand and repaint your old doors, or replace them with paint-grade cabinet doors, or pre-finished cabinet doors. Contact us now to discuss the best options for your cabinet refacing project.