From our Plant to yours…

Quickly–Economically Panel production is the most time-consuming, demanding and expensive aspect of cabinet door making. Color and grain matching is increasingly difficult as lumber prices go up and the world competes for the best materials. Veneer Raised Panels make a lot of sense from both a business and craft perspective.

  • Improve stability and appearance
  • Easier, better finish
  • Increase per day door production
  • No capital investment
  • Know your costs, no guessing
  • Reduce waste and inventory
  • Custom sizes
  • No minimums
  • Short lead
  • Sanded, ready to assemble
  • MDF
  • We can match most arch patterns

Veneer Raised Panels Specifications

Standard AWD profile is 6097VRP.
Standard MDF core dimension is 1/2″.
Standard tongue dimension is 6.0 mm.
All panels priced per square foot.
Minimum of 1 square foot charged per panel size.
Minimum panel width 4.5″, Minimum panel length 4.5″.
Maximum panel width 40″, Maximum panel length 75″.
When ordering panels, please specify width X length X tongue dimension.
Veneer grain runs with the length of the panel.

Veneer Raised Panel Tongue Dimensions

Specify tongue thickness to match your cutters.
A = 3.4 mm Tongue
B = 4.3 mm Tongue
C = 4.5 mm Tongue
D = 5.0 mm Tongue
E = 5.5 mm Tongue

F = 6.0 mm Tongue – Standard Dimension
G = 6.3 mm Tongue – Allow +/- .5mm.
If the tongue dimension you require is not listed, contact us.

Using Veneer Panels to best advantage

We can produce figured and exotic panels at a fraction of the cost of solid wood. Call for price quotation for Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Quarter Sawn White Oak…. We will produce panels with any exotic specie we can obtain.