AWD Base and Upper Cabinets with Flat Panel doors and Face Frames

Upper Cabinets with Wine Rack

Is the clock ticking on your old kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom cabinets and Face Frames? Perhaps it has been holding up strong for many years, but you are finally starting to notice some cracking or stains. Maybe you are thinking about going in another direction, and we can understand your line of thinking. Before you toss them to the curb, let us suggest sprucing your cabinets up with some new doors or drawers. Sometimes even simply updating the Face Frames on the cabinets will breathe new life into the space.

The wooden cabinet frames currently in place on your older cabinet are likely a redeeming quality of the cabinet. Today, a lot of cabinets are built with synthetic frames which aren’t as durable as the older, solid, wooden ones. As an alternative, you could clean up the appearance of your old cabinet by going the route of replacement doors. The products we have at Arkansas Wood Doors include our raised or flat panel wood doors. Or, for an easy-to-clean, durable door to match your frames, we carry 3DL doors. These offer a variety of woodgrain or designer finishes to go along with them.

But, if you feel like your frames have been blemished beyond repair, maybe due to some serious water damage, and you absolutely need to replace those as well, ask us about the cabinet face frames we have to offer.

If you believe that your current cabinet frame have reached a point of no return, give Arkansas Wood Doors a call at 1-479-968-5486 and we’ll help you out!