Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing is a way to update the look of any kitchen without the high costs of replacing the cabinets completely. Our team works with each client to ensure you get the type of end result you desire. We use only the best products and provide a range of solutions to meet virtually all needs. Here are some of the cabinet refacing materials we offer.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing 

One of the most common types of cabinets to be refaced or replaced is kitchen cabinetry. This makes sense as it can allow the space to be entirely updated without making a lot of dramatic changes. New cabinetry can use the same footprint as the original, while refacing means everything stays in place but gets a style update.

Opting for kitchen cabinet refacing means enjoying the fullest array of options and styles. Whether you are eager to retain your home’s original architectural style or make radical changes, a kitchen cabinet refacing can make it happen easily. New doors and drawer fronts along with new veneers can make it seem as if an entirely new kitchen has been installed, and with minimal fuss.

Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

Another room that benefits from periodic updates, and which has a higher than average ROI on any improvements, is the bathroom. Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that refacing rather than replacing bathroom cabinets is always an option. All of the same materials can be used, and because of the high humidity of the bathroom, it is always best to consider a job for the professionals.

You can change drawer facings, surfaces, and hardware in order to make your bathroom an entirely different space. Swap out the countertops or the sink(s) on a vanity and you’ll see tremendous cost and time savings while giving everything an update.

Material Choices

You can select the right type of cabinet refacing materials for any project. This includes options such as:

Pressure Sensitive Veneers

Another type of cabinet refacing material is PSA veneers or pressure sensitive veneers. These are a type of peel and stick product. They are thin materials with 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive on them. These veneers are available in 24” wide X 96” long and are shipped rolled up for easy shipping. PSA Veneer can easily be cut to size on site with box knife to complete your cabinet refacing project.

Veneer Sheets

Another option is to choose cut to size Sheets with your selection of Wood Veneer species, with or without finish applied. These sheets are cut to your size and available in 1.5mm, 1/8”, or ¼” thickness.

3DL Sheets

With all of the color options its hard to beat 3DL. These are sheets cut to 56″ x 96″ lengths and can be cut to your size with a box knife at location.

Is it better to replace or reface your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? We have a few thoughts to consider when making that decision:

  • What sort of refacing is available? The three most common are to refinish or repaint, install new laminate or veneer, or use new doors and drawer fronts.
  • What is the budget? Whether replacing or refacing is considered, a budget can often help the decision-making process.
  • Will you also include new fixtures? Many homeowners decide to enhance the look of their new cabinets by adding new hardware like knobs or pulls that add a dash of style in addition to that more updated, finished look.
  • Do the insides of the cabinets need a bit of updating or improvement? With replacing as well as refacing, you can always add interior shelves and rotating shelves. Adding new drawers, though, means replacement cabinets.
  • What is your timeline? If you have only a short amount of time to get the task done, refacing is often the faster process, and means leaving the room (either a kitchen or bath), relatively, intact with appliances or fixtures functional and in place.
  • What is the quality of existing cabinets? This is where you cannot opt out of replacing if the quality of the cabinets is just not what it should be. Refacing is not the right call if your existing cabinets are degraded, poor quality, or not up to your needs.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

AWD can also provide the many cabinet features designed to increase the functionality of your cabinets, Hinges, Drawer Guides, Roll Out Shelves, etc. To learn more about any of the cabinet refacing products we offer at Arkansas Wood Doors, give our team a call. Let us explain all the options and how they can create the space you desire. You can also order online with our online order system