Certified Lowe's Home Improvement

Did you know that Arkansas Wood Doors is a certified special order vendor of Lowe’s Home Improvement Store? Many people don’t know because we are humble high-quality door craftsmen.

Lowe’s is an American company chain for retail home improvement and appliances. Also, they have over 1,500 different store locations in the US and have expanded to Canada and Mexico in the past few years. Lowe’s is the second largest hardware chain right behind Home Depot and above Menards.

Now can you see how privileged we are to be one of the select few local certified vendors to their custom door department nationwide!?

We have been a special order vendor for Lowe’s since 1999. In addition, supplying them with custom cabinet doors and cabinet components. Also, we supply over 1000 Lowe’s stores customers that use our products, most of the clients are homeowners and new home builders. If your at a Lowe’s store ordering a door it’s probably from us! Stop in any local Lowe’s and ask them about their custom order door department.

Arkansas Wood Doors a certified vendor of Lowe’s Home Improvement Store for almost 20 years

Arkansas Wood Doors do not only do a custom order! We offer an extensive selection of Wood Doors, 3DL Doors, MDF Doors, VRP Panels and much more. Our website offers order forms for many different types of doors. Also, if you are interested in becoming a new customer please fill out our new customer form and we will contact you in a timely manner.

We are currently developing a custom line of cabinets supplies that are ready to assemble (RTA Cabinets). These cabinets are targeted to builders, homeowners and Home remodelers. If you are willing to put the cabinets together yourself you are in for big savings! Finally, contact us today to find out more about all our RTA cabinets and options, you will be glad you did.