With winter quickly approaching, majority of us will be spending more and more time indoors to escape the cold weather. If you are anything like me, spending time indoors means cleaning, crafts, or DIY projects that will improve my home’s overall appearance and value. If you plan on turning your kitchen cabinet replacement into a custom DIY project to help keep you indoors through the winter, we want to help answer a question that seems to come up quite a bit with customers. “What color should I choose for my kitchen cabinetry.”

Regardless of your design style, there are things that work, and things that just well…don’t. Certain textures don’t look right with certain colors, certain colors will darken your space more than wanted, or going too bold when trying to go bold. Your color palette will depend upon the look, feel, and mood that you are trying to set for your kitchen space. Although everyone’s design style is Cabinet Colorsdifferent, there are a few commonalities that we have heard from multiple customers preparing to replace kitchen cabinetry as a do it yourself project.

  1. If your walls are light go dark with the cabinets or if you walls are dark go light with the cabinets. This will add that “pop” that your kitchen is missing. This can even be achieved with natural wood cabinets as different types of wood come in different shades.
  2. Look at your counter top and see what colors you can pull from it. You may have a solid color counter top, but if not, look at the colors within your butcher board, tile, or marble counter top. This will help you find a shade that will look great in your kitchen, you want to go with colors that are subtle within your counter.
  3. Be creative! Your creativity and your vision is the number one most important factor when selecting the colors that you want in your kitchen. After all, you are the one who will be waking up and making your cup of coffee in it every morning! Use your imagination and let’s see those colors!

When you order you custom cabinetry from us, we offer a wide selection of MiniWax finishes so you can achieve the look that you are going for. Contact us today for more information.