Arkansas Wood Doors announces it’s new custom cabinet door order system is online!

Here at AWD, we’ve been hard at work to bring you a new and improved custom cabinet door order system online. It’s a new system using AllMoxy that has many new features to improve ordering and service for you! We started by adding our custom cabinet doors and accessories, however, we are still working on it, so expect bigger and better changes to follow!

Here is a list of some of the great features:

online cabinet door order system by Allmoxy

  • Complete custom cabinet and door sizing with prices to match.
  • Accurate door and cabinet prices down to a 1/16″!
  • Easy to use order and account management system
  • Set up to use imperial or metric sizes without needing to recalculate anything.
  • After placing a quote, we receive it in the office to set up cabinet designs and arrange the price for shipping to your location.
  • Ability to save orders and projects as well as duplicate jobs to reduce input.
  • Get notified automatically to updates to your order.

Phase II – Order Stonehenge RTA Cabinets Online

Our new online order system includes a Design Center that allows users to design their project from our library of Stonehenge Cabinets. Currently, these cabinets are available through an order form on our site. The new system will allow you to order directly online after selecting your cabinets with your own sizes and specs. Cabinet Shops and Contractors alike will gain control and realize significant time savings!

Stonehenge RTA cabinets

The New Design Center should be available this June!

Register and login now to check it out or contact us with any questions or comments.