So, you have a decent sized closet, plenty of floor space to put your shoes, and plenty of empty wall space in between. Yet you still don’t have enough room for all of your clothing and accessories! Did you know that you can turn empty wall space in your closet into more storage space? Having a custom closet designed to fit your needs is made easy at Arkansas Wood Doors.

Designing a custom closet allows you to create a closet to fit your needs. Whether you need more space for shoes and accessories, more racks to hang or fold clothing, or more space for the food in your pantry closet, or just want a custom closet door for your closet, you have the freedom to make your closet how you want and need.

So, how do you go about planning your custom closet remodel with our professionals at Arkansas Wood Doors?

  • The first step is to measure the dimensions  of your current closet space.
  • Next, plan your storage necessities. Will you need more racks than drawers? Do you need more shelves?
  • Design your layout. Do you want your clothing to hang up high or down low? Will your shelving go from the floor to the ceiling?
  • Choose your materials. Choose the various materials you will want to use for your custom closet remodel. Will you be using wire racks to hang your clothing or wooden rods? Will you have wire shelving or wood shelving?

Designing your custom closet is an exciting process. You will open your closet doors every morning knowing that your closet is customized just the way that you designed it and the way you love.

Contact the professional custom closet builders at Arkansas Wood Doors today and get your closet remodel underway.