Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes and Components

Enjoy Custom Dovetail Drawer Components built to your specifications. Many options available, not just what is listed below! Upgrade your custom cabinets by Emailing us your ideas or give us a call at (479) 968 5486!

Flatware Utensil Drawer

Deep Flatware / Utensil Drawer
If you have larger than usual set of flatware, this deep drawer with wide stainless canisters may just be what you’re looking for. Available in many different customization options.

flatware drawer

Flatware / Utensil Drawer
Imagine all your utensils organized in these beautifully crafted drawers. The design may be standard, just customize the dividers to your liking. If you need removable trays, no problem!

Double Utensil Drawer

Double Flatware / Utensil Drawer
When all you need is just one more level! Get the most of your available storage space with this double layer drawer for your utensil/flatware! Comes with the slides installed.

Baking Sheet Storage
No more wrestling through your stacks of sheets in the bottom drawer for the right one This storage pullout will allow you to store them vertically for easy access.

Knife Storage Drawer
Keep your knives sharp and safe in this custom knife storage drawer. If you order a double layer knife drawer slides come installed.

Knife / Cutting Board Drawer
Next evolution in convenience is this cutting board that slides back to reveal a knife storage area. Constructed of quality hardwoods for long life. Comes with the slides installed..

Spice Rack Pullout

Spice Rack Pullout
With a easy to see spice rack pullout you can place in either upper or lower cabinets. It comes with side rails attached and an open top, Dovetailed top panel option is available.


Trash Bin / Hamper Pullout
A large drawer with space for one or more bins or hampers. Customizable storage orientation with storage compartments and more.


Removable Divider Drawer
A drawer component that works great for special customization as you need. May be ordered with as many dividers as you need in any size.

Hanging File Drawer
Don’t want a large top heavy file cabinet in the corner anymore? These file drawers would be perfect in a custom desk or file system. Each drawer has rails installed, unless you don’t want them.


Plate Storage
If you prefer to store your plate and bowls in a drawer we can have you covered. Pegs are removable to customize for different sizes.

Coffee Center
A convenient drawer slide with easy accessible organization for coffee or tea pods and other beverage items in one drawer. Pod tray slides are factory installed. Double width shown, also comes in single width.


Spice Rack Drawer
Don’t be searchin’ for your spices, lay them out dress right dress. Easily accessible angled racks with customizable widths and depths even double layers if needed.


Bread Drawer
Build a one of a kind drawer with a tight fitting drawer lid to keep your bread fresh. Customizable to add separate compartments of different shapes and sizes.

BCCOR 3 Drawer Stack
Add a luxurious 3 drawer stack to your Corner Cabinet to allow greater access and storage capabilities.

Creative Custom Components

Now that you’ve seen the standard custom dovetail drawer components above let us look at some more custom options. Below are some creative solutions built directly from the imagination. We aren’t limited to what’s listed below, if you have a unique idea let us know. Chances are it can be made!


Hair Dryer Drawer
Deep drawer with space for hair dryer, curling and flat irons, and all the products you may ever need. Stainless steel canister inserts to prevent your heated appliances from burning this decadent drawer.


High Tech Drawer
You’ll be reaching 1.21 gigawatts in no time! This drawer comes with electrical outlets and a USB hub with folding arm on the back that keeps cords tidy and safe. Hair dryer drawer is shown but this can be adapted to other drawer types as well.  


Hair Dryer Pullout
When a hair dryer drawer isn’t enough, consider this pullout instead. Has side rails to keep items under control, as well as storage underneath. Guaranteed to contain many an item. Of course, it can be designed with other custom features.


Corner Drawer Options
Unique custom drawer options are simply a design away. Pictured above is a spice rack corner drawer, but many a drawer component can be adapted to fit a corner cabinet.

Drawer Stacks

Drawer Stacks
Straight out of the old west these rustic stacks will be a perfect finishing touch in your kitchen or pantry! With a sketch or photograph with dimensions we can create your vision. Anything from small drawers to large vegetable storage bins.  


Lid Storage Organizer
If you’re tired of searching your lower cabinets for the proper pan and lid look at this beauty. A deep drawer with lots of room for pots and pans as well as a lid organizer up top.


Pot & Pan Storage Pullouts
Another way to conserve space and provide functionality is this storage pullout. This stylish pullout unit has stainless steel panel with hooks and pegs for keeping both pans and lids secure and within reach.

pant rack

Trouser Storage
Instead of looking for hangers consider these rack pullouts for your closet. Although designed as a pullout this can be permanently mounted as well.  

Cutout Drawers
Drawers for that special spot in the kitchen that will need a little help to bypass Newton’s first law. Let us create your custom cutout to your specifications to get around your plumbing, wiring, or other immovable force.

Extra Width Drawers
Shown is a double layer double width flatware setup, but many other options are available as well. If you have the space why search through two drawers when you could fit it into one!

Pantry Pullout Stack
Place this extra tall pantry pullout in your run of kitchen cabinets. Easy to view and find what you need. Comes with rails and can be designed to be narrow wide or as tall as you need it to be. 

Pantry Door Shelves
If you create a pantry why not continue and create extra space in the doors as well? This pantry door shelf stack is designed with adjustable shelves and short sides to hold items snug. Shelf depth can be specified.

Laundry Hamper Drawer
Sure a plastic hamper would work but why not up the ante a squidge with the beauty of wood? This well ventilated wood hamper combines great looks and function.