Cut Ready Center Impression by Arkansas Wood Doors

Your Complete Custom Cabinet Makers

Check out Thermwood Corporation’s video featuring our President as they discuss their experience. Last month we announced our new options for cabinet designs and customization, using Thermwood Corporations new Cut Ready CNC (computer numerical control) router cut technology. In addition, we are very pleased with the relationship we have had with Thermwood Corporation and the new machine has surpassed our expectations.
With no programming needed and ready to go cutting aspect of the CNC cut center router we are able to offer our customers precise and fast custom cabinets.

Cut Ready by Thermwood

CNC Aspect of the Thermwood Cut Center Router Advantages

The great thing about the engineering of this machine is that it is set up so if normally a measurement or tool would have been missed, it won’t be with the machine. Also, there is very little room for operator error, it is all in the cut center. Furthermore, the machine knows what it is supposed to be doing. A few things it can cut;
  • Drawer boxes
  • Cut Sheets
  • Quick Molding
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
 You don’t need to have a highly experienced and calibrated employee to run it.

AWD Outlook

We expect growth on the cut center custom cabinet end, new customers, new sets of doors, more product in less time for more people. Also, we expect to exceed the capacity of the cut center and may need another machine.

Thermwood Cut Ready Advantages

  • Any employee can operate
  • Custom options
  • Full Center cabinet shop
  • More impressive than expected
  • Training and Support

In Conclusion

The Cut Ready Center by Thermwood Corporation has been thought out, experience and input of custom cabinet makers have been put into the design of the cut center. Also, we are now accepting your eCabinet Systems files and cut your order to your exact specifications. Finally, if you have any other questions regarding your custom cabinet order please contact us.