cabinet doors

When refacing kitchen cabinetry, one of the hardest choices is often what type of finish or style of door to use. Of course there is no set rule on how to choose your kitchen cabinetry, as everybody’s eye for design may be different. But, there are some basics that can help you decide on the perfect cabinets for remodeling your kitchen.

Many will often use kitchen cabinetry as the beginning point for kitchen remodeling. The Reason is that cabinets are at eye level and are typically the first thing anyone sees when entering a kitchen. Choosing lighter colored finishes for cabinet refacing leaves your kitchen looking open and spacey. Darker finishes work great with bold colored walls and lighter backsplashes, this will make colors and appliances “pop”.

At Arkansas Wood Doors, we offer a variety of finishes for kitchen cabinetry. Regardless of your design style, we can customize your cabinet doors, giving your kitchen that perfect touch. Whether you are looking for solid color, designer, or wood grain finishes, we can provide you with either light or dark finishing options.

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