Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. You and your family are in and out of it all day long, cooking, eating, and hosting dinner parties, so of course you need it to be practical. But since you spend so much time in it, don’t you also want it to look nice and inviting?

If you have been getting that feeling that your current kitchen design has worn out its welcome, then let Arkansas Wood Doors help you through the process of a beautiful new makeover!

There are endless different directions to go in when remodeling. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. Once you figure out the theme you want to go with, wallpaper or paint-wise, let our wide range of cabinet styles and designs bring your kitchen to life. If your kitchen cabinets aren’t cracking, stained or wearing down, you could always go the refacing route. Just remove them, give them a wash and then prep, prime and coat them with a fresh layer of paint to have them looking new again.

But if you do want to start from scratch, raised panel wood doors have the ability compliment your kitchen with their natural, wood grain texture. Or, if you want to go with flat panel wood doors, we have the following pre-finish options for you to turn to:

  • Clear or White Lacquer
  • Glazed
  • Prime
  • Stain

We also have RTF doors if you would rather shy away from wood. High quality RTF doors from Arkansas Wood Doors look just like real wood and come in a number of wood grain patterns, and various colors. RTF doors have a hard surface and are difficult to dent but a breeze to clean.

A couple of other ways to spruce up your kitchen would be to add pot and baker racks to store some of your pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils, so you can free up more space inside of your kitchen cabinets. For cheap lighting ideas, think about installing LED rope lighting. Or you could go with some stick-on lights, which actually go great underneath your cabinets because they brighten up your counter top.

If you’re anxious to remodel your kitchen but just need a push in the right direction, give us a call at 1-479-968-5486 and we’ll be happy to help you transform your kitchen!