Are you in search of a style of kitchen or bathroom cabinet door that will last a long time and doesn’t require too much maintenance? If these are some of your specifications when cabinet-door shopping, then RTF doors sound like the cabinet doors for you.

RTF doors, or Rigid Thermo Foil Doors, are built durable and are easy to wipe and clean. Rigid Thermo Foil is a vinyl sheet laminated onto a pressed fiberboard. At Arkansas Wood Doors, the front of our RTF doors is covered with Thermo Foil while the backside is covered with Thermo-fused melamine. They are designed to give the appearance of a marble, wood, or sometimes granite cabinet door.

High quality RTF doors from Arkansas Wood Doors are generally inexpensive compared to other types of doors and they also take kindly to cleaning and dusting products. With ease you can remove general stains or splashes just by applying a damp cloth or rag to your RTF kitchen or bathroom cabinet door, which is why they are such a breeze to clean. If you’ve ever watched minutes turn into hours trying to scrub a stain out of your cabinet doors, you can appreciate the RTF’s naturally quick-clean capability. Since the surfaces of kitchen or bathroom furniture do tend to wind up marked or scratched from time to time, RTFs go perfect in those rooms of your house.

For those who value cabinet refacing and are handy doing so at home, RTF is known for its use in that area. All you have to do is switch out doors to make your cabinet door upgrade aesthetically pleasing again, should you ever want to switch things up in your bathroom or kitchen and save money doing it. Because they can be easily molded into different shapes or designs, RTF doors are also becoming more and more popular because of their versatility.

Is this year finally the year you decide to go with some RTF doors in your bathroom or kitchen? If it is, you can turn to us. We even offer a number of RTF doors accessories like crown molding, fillers, or valiances. If it’s an estimate you’re after, we can get you a free quote when you fill out our RTF door order form! Just call us today and let’s get working. 1-479-968-2934.