Bathroom Cabinets
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When it comes to improving the appearance of your bathroom, we often think of painting and replacing cabinets or toilets. There is a less expensive way to drastically change the look of your bathroom. Let us help by simply replacing the faces of your bathroom cabinets and doors. A simple change in texture or color can add luxury and style to your homes bathroom space.

With finishes ranging from Red Mahogany to Winter Moss, Arkansas Wood Doors offers the perfect Minwax stain for your bathroom. Replacing the faces of your cabinets and changing the texture of your cabinet’s doors can add warmth or style; resulting in an improvement in itself.

From distinctive wood grain to the subtlest of wood texture within your replacement cabinet doors, such a small change can make a world of difference in the appearance of your bathroom. But the grain of the wood isn’t the only texture option offered at Arkansas Wood Doors. You can find Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Slab Doors, MDF, or 3DL Doors. Whichever your choice you are sure to add luxury to your bathroom.

When it comes to choosing a palette for your bathroom remodel, there are many ways to go about it. It can be a struggle to choose the perfect wood grain or texture to match with your paint color. Check out our tips on finding the perfect finish for bathroom cabinetry to get an idea of where to begin!