Spring is in the air! With the seasonal change comes spring cleaning. With the in-depth, thorough spring cleaning of your home sometimes comes the need for improvement in rooms of your home that you may not have convinced yourself you needed, had you not been cleaning so much.

So if you have gotten up close and personal with your bathroom cabinets lately and have realized maybe it’s time to replace them with new ones, it’s time to get with Arkansas Wood Doors this spring to see what we have to offer!

There are so many directions you can go in when choosing to spruce up your bathroom with great, new cabinets. Whether you want a stand-alone vanity, set of cabinets, or an over-the-toilet unit of bathroom cabinetry, we can provide that for you, in many different styles and colors.

We have MDF doors if you want to go with cabinets that are environmentally friendly, almost impossible to warp, and easy to assemble. The high quality MDF doors sold at Arkansas Wood Doors come in one-piece sets or five-piece sets.

In addition to our fine MDF or RTF doors, we sell flat panel raised doors as well as raised panel and miter raised panel paint grade doors. Our quality raised panel wood cabinet doors come in:

  • 100 Series: Solid wood frame, solid wood raised panel
  • 500 Series: Solid wood frame, veneered raised panel
  • Designer or standard miter profiles

Veneered raised panel cabinet doors at Arkansas Wood doors are becoming increasingly popular due in large part to their consistent grain pattern, visible across the panel. The composite material does not react drastically to climate shifts and is thus not susceptible to much expanding or contrasting.

If you’re still a little uncertain about which way to go, take a look at some of our tips on how to improve the appearance of your bathroom space!