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Our Louver style doors are true louvers, offering functional ventilation and made to your size. All frames are manufactured with our blind tenon miter joint for maximum strength and available in the same wood species selection as offered for our other wood doors.

Due to constraints of spacing the louvers, frame width will vary based upon the height of the door, frames will not be less than 2.25” wide. Louver blades are the same wood species as frames, profiled and sanded, approximate size of each blade: 1.3125 ” wide X .25”.

Choose Louver Doors

Louver doors are always a great choice when it comes to a unique and beautiful look. There are many benefits to choosing these type of doors. One of those benefits is air flow. These type of doors provide great air flow compared to the solid counter parts. Along with this it will of course provide better ventilation.  The visual appeal of this type of door is another great benefit. The iunique look gives your doors a stylish look that lets it stand out from outher more traditional looks.

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Louver DoorsLouver Doors