Custom Cabinet Doors with Minwax coatingAre you looking for a protective coating for your pinewood furnishings? Here at Arkansas Wood Doors, we use Minwax products to stain our pine doors. You can choose your choice of hue in one of their many categories; oil-based finishes, water-based stains, bright and bold colors, classic wood stains, pastel cottage colors, or the calming sea and sky color scheme.

Minwax products allow a dependable waterproof and damp-resistant finish that protects our wood from the air’s moisture and humidity.

Many companies are limited in the color finishes they can use. But not Arkansas Wood Doors! Minwax brings out the natural grain of the wood in the color of your choosing. From the original red oak color to the bright blue hues, Arkansas Wood Doors can create the cabinet doors of your dreams!

Why Do Arkansas Wood Doors Use Minwax on Pine?

Untreated wood does not last as long nor does it look nearly as good. If the wood is left without a polish or finish, the actual product is left rough, splintering, and vulnerable to damage. Also, wood can be harmed whenever water moisture is too high or whenever the air is too dry. With a Minwax stain or finish, the pine is protected from water damage and fires.

By staining pine wood with a water-protectant finish, you can make the wood stronger and more durable for a longer time. In addition, we want to ensure the best quality wood doors to our customers, something that can only be done with Minwax. In conclusion, we use Minwax here because of the sustainability of the wood exhibits.


If you are interested in our doors or would like to learn more about Minwax, call us at (479) 968-5486 today! Finally, fill out our order form and we will respond as soon as possible. We cannot wait to hear from you!