REHAU Cabinet DoorsHere at Arkansas Wood Doors, we have good news! We are excited to announce that we have been selected as a national distributor for REHAU’s Modern line of cabinet doors! REHAU has established a worldwide reputation for many reasons. Firstly, they are a leader in Modern Design and Ecological because of their use of raw materials in their manufacture of numerous premium products for the kitchen and furniture industry. Also, secondly due to the good quality of their products.

The Modern Design Doors from REHAU give you many options that have never been available to you before! You have over 100+ surfaces available to you in high-gloss, matte, glass, natural and metal finishes in the color of your choosing. Here is an informational page to provide you with more information about REHAU’s Modern line of cabinet doors. You can find out more about all 3 cabinet door styles and numerous surface options. Moreover, we have a dedicated online order system for the REHAU Modern Door collection. Also, registration is available from the REGISTER link on our website, Arkansas Wood Doors.

REHAU Cabinet Doors

Get your REHAU Modern Line of Cabinet Doors from AWD in three different styles!

Why Should You Order REHAU Cabinet Doors From Arkansas Wood Doors?

When you order REHAU modern cabinet doors from Arkansas Wood Doors, you will receive a perfectly sized and finished cabinet door that is ready to install and open to alterations. Furthermore, the flexible material of the cabinet doors can be altered with drills to make spaces for handles or power outlets.

Arkansas Wood Doors is the number one choice for your home cabinet doors! With over three decades of experience and stellar customer service, we know how to help you and make the ordering and delivery process as easy as possible. Order your REHAU Modern Cabinet Doors today! Order online, email us at or call us at (479) 968-5486 to place your order or to get more information one REHAU cabinets!