Online Ordering at Arkansas Wood Doors

At Arkansas Wood Doors, we now offer online ordering. Ordering online makes buying 3D Laminate Doors and Ready To Assemble Cabinets a breeze. Of course, sometimes a new ordering system can be a little confusing for customers, so we made an easy tutorial to help you through the steps. If you click here, you can download a step-by-step tutorial on how to order.

Online Ordering Tutorial

For step one, you simply log in or if you do not have an account, create your account. Step 2, if you need to create an account you have to choose either business or personal account. A business account can have multiple users, while a single account only has one. Once you create your account you are on to step 3, your account page. This page shows all your current and past orders. Step 4 if you would like to see all past orders click the cart icon at the top. You can also create a new order for step 5. Also, you can import orders for step 6.

Step 7 is where you start to input your information for your order.  The image for step 8 shows where you can save your billing address for future purchases. In addition, in step 9 you can see in the top right your account icon, you can click that to change your information. On the step 10 page, you can change input units to imperial and metric, and you can change your invoice receipt method. On step 11 image it shows the breadcrumb links to navigate back to other categories. Your browser back button may cause the page to reload.

Final Steps

In step 12, if you click the heading above the doors it will give you a description. Errors in orders will show on the page like the example in step 13.  Make sure to use comment areas to add details to your order as shown in step 14. Step 15 shows what some of the icons on the page do.  Finally, when you use the “Send To” menu the order can be emailed and saved as a PDF.  Of course, if you have any questions please call us at 479.968.5486.

Download the step by step PDF here.