Finding the right cabinet doors for your kitchen might seem like a lot of work but finding the right knobs and pulls for your cabinet doors and drawers is even more work. Pairing cabinet hardware with cabinet doors may seem like an easy task but because there are so many styles available to choose from, it makes it tough to make a decision.

While knobs are attached to a cabinet doors with an attachment point, pulls have two attachment points. Knobs generally only use one screw to attach itself as pulls can sometimes have two or more screws. Pulls can also be known as handles.

When deciding on which knob or pull will go great with your cabinet doors or drawers, you can get as creative as you would like. You don’t have to match everything perfectly; bringing out your artistic side is what will bring your kitchen to life. Whether if you’re mixing oil rubbed bronze with brass or brushed nickel with chrome, the choice is yours. You just have to make sure that your finishing touches complement each other.

At Arkansas Wood Doors, we manufacture custom cabinet doors for companies all over the w
orld. Being in business since 1977, we offer a wide range of door styles, materials, and accessories for your next cabinet project. We also pay close attention to detail when manufacturing our customers cabinets. Pairing cabinet hardware with our cabinet doors is our specialty and we would happy to help you in that area. If you are in the process of redesigning your whole kitchen style, contact us today!