If you are thinking about giving your bathroom space an update this year, you may want to look into an option that will save you money rather than just tearing out your old bathroom vanity! Before you pull out the sledgehammer and get into demolition mode, consider refacing your vanity cabinet door to change the entire look of your space!

Deciding to remove your entire vanity set up has many downsides to it, which is why we at Arkansas Wood Doors encourage you to reface rather than replace! First of all, older vanities or any cabinet structure for that matter are made much more durable than anything you will find nowadays. Simply sanding down your vanity and repainting or staining, and then refacing it with your preferred door from Arkansas Wood Doors can dramatically change the appearance of your entire bathroom. Add some new hardware and you will fall in love with your space all over again. Also, after demolition there is a huge mess that you have to clean up, dust, nails, screws, wood fragments, just a mess all around!

Unless you have severe water damage, warping, or breakage in your current structure. You may really want to consider just refacing. If for some reason you need to replace your structure as well, ask us about our cabinet frames.

For more information on refacing your cabinets contact us today! If you are ready to order get started with your online order!