When to choose Kitchen Refacing

When the kitchen needs some changes, one of the first areas that many people consider is the kitchen cabinets. However, not everyone is ready to get entirely new cabinets for one reason or another. Instead, they consider replacement kitchen cabinet doors with a kitchen refacing. Below are some of the reasons to make replacements to the kitchen cabinet doors along with what to consider when choosing the cabinet doors.

Remodeling on a BudgetFletcher 3DL

Naturally, one of the biggest reasons to choose replacement kitchen cabinet doors is that they are an affordable option. When compared with remodeling efforts, only replacing the doors of the cabinets can be a huge cost saver. However, because the cabinet doors are a major part of the real estate in the kitchen, even replacing just the doors can make a huge aesthetic difference. Those who may not have a large budget to redo the entire kitchen will find that they can still get a lot of mileage –– and a lot of compliments –– out of choosing to purchase replacements for the kitchen cabinet doors.

Tired of the Old Look

Another time to replace just the kitchen cabinet doors is when the owner is tired of the current look in the kitchen. Perhaps the cabinet doors have been the same since they moved into the place. The doors might have been the same for a decade or more. Not only will they often be worn down by that point, but the look might not match with the rest of the décor in the kitchen. Often, people simply want to have an upgrade to the look in their kitchen. Replacement kitchen cabinet doors are an easy and effective option.

By making the replacement, the homeowner can give the kitchen an entirely new look. Perhaps they want to have a modern-looking kitchen. Maybe they want to have more of a rustic feel. Changing out the kitchen cabinet doors is an easy solution to this need. Once the new doors arrive, they can often be hung on the same day.

Damage to the Current Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Sometimes the current kitchen cabinet doors become damaged. The damage could have occurred in a range of ways. The damage might have come from young kids banging into the cabinets with pots and pans, scratches to the doors from pets, or cracked wood from an accident. The doors could have water damage, as well. Something as seemingly innocuous as hanging a wet dishtowel on the cabinet doors could cause damage over time.

Regardless of the reason, when one or more of the kitchen cabinet doors has damage, it can detract from the look of the entire kitchen. Therefore, it is a perfect time to replace the doors. Even minor damage can affect the look of the kitchen. Buyers should keep in mind that when they are getting replacement kitchen cabinet doors, they should always replace all of the doors at the same time. No one wants to have mismatched cabinet doors in the kitchen.

Remodeling Other Parts of the Kitchenkitchen-cabinetry

Perhaps the homeowner is remodeling and upgrading other parts of the kitchen. In these cases, not replacing at least the kitchen cabinet doors will look out of place. Having a new counter and new flooring would make the old cabinets stand out significantly. When making those other upgrades, it makes sense to take care of the kitchen cabinets at the same time. Of course, because remodels can be expensive, homeowners might only want to get replacement kitchen cabinet doors rather than replace the entire cabinets.

When Time is Limited

Sometimes, the update to the kitchen needs to be done quickly. Perhaps the homeowner is going to be renting the property and the cabinets are still in relatively good condition. Replacing just the kitchen cabinet doors is a fast and simple solution to improve the look of the property for a tenant. The update can be done in a short period, so anyone in a rush to give the kitchen a new look will want to consider getting replacements for the doors.

Why Choose Kitchen Refacing for Cabinet Doors and Not Entirely New Cabinets?

Some might be wondering why they would want to only replace the doors on the kitchen cabinets rather than getting brand new cabinets, too. The price factor is the biggest reason that most buyers choose this option. The cost of replacing all of the cabinets can be more than they want to spend. Those who want to save money will opt to replace just the doors.

Sometimes, the cabinets themselves are still in good condition. They may not have anything wrong with them that would necessitate replacement and it would be a waste of time and money to do so. In those cases, only choosing door replacements for the cabinets is a good idea. Then, buyers can spend that renovation money elsewhere.

Another reason that buyers might only want to replace the doors is the installation process. It could be difficult for many homeowners to install entire cabinets on their own. Many will need to hire professional help to handle the job. However, replacing the kitchen cabinet doors is a simple matter that can be done quickly by most people without needing to hire anyone. It will usually be possible to replace the doors on cabinets in a kitchen in a couple of hours, depending on the size of the kitchen.

Important Considerations When Refacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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When doing kitchen refacing with cabinet doors, buyers need to be careful. It is important to get the right doors for the job. The first thing that needs to be done is to measure the cabinets and the old doors. This provides the measurements needed to ensure they are choosing the right size when they place their order. It’s a good idea to measure twice, which will help to ensure that the measurements are accurate.

Additionally, home buyers need to think about the colors and the style of the new doors and the current cabinets. They should strive to find a style that will match the look and feel they want, even the color. Otherwise, they may stand out and look strange. Fortunately, there are many colors and styles available, so it should be possible to find an ideal solution when working with the right seller.

Additionally, homeowners will want to consider the hardware for the cabinets. In some cases, the old hardware might still be usable, but they may not match well with the new cabinet doors. Choosing hardware that works well with the new doors, and that matches the look that the homeowner wants is more important than many people realize. Without the right hardware for the hinges and the handles, it can throw off the look of the kitchen.

These are some of the most important things that should be considered when choosing doors for kitchen refacing. Buyers should make a list of what they need in terms of the style, color, and hardware, and then find a company that can provide those products. They should never settle for just “any” doors.

Find the Right Reface for your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Today, there are many options for finding doors for the kitchen cabinets. However, many will find that the best option is to choose an online company that can offer the perfect replacement doors since online purchases have a range of benefits. For starters, buying online often provides buyers with more options including custom replacement kitchen cabinet doors. Buying online tends to be less stressful and offers less hassle. It also tends to be a fast way to buy, and all of the doors can be delivered to the home. This is easier than trying to transport them in a car.

Buying online replacement kitchen cabinet doors typically means savings, as well. To check our prices and catalog visit our  Allmoxy Order System to get started.