Replacement Cabinets

Replacement Cabinet Doors

One of the easiest ways to update a kitchen – and stay within a budget – is to use replacement cabinet doors. Often, the doors are the areas that get the most damage in the kitchen or bathroom. They become stained, worn, and discolored over time. 

However, with the right tools, it is possible to remove them and replace them with new and beautiful pieces. This is also a fantastic way to get a new look to any type of space desired. At Arkansas Wood Doors, we offer a wide selection of replacement cabinet doors to fit just about any goals you have. Check out our solutions.

Choose the Cabinet Style for Any Space

Fletcher CabinetsReplacement cabinet doors are available in numerous styles and with various panel profiles, frame profiles, and edges. From the ultra-modern looks with geometric cuts to those with farmhouse charm and appeal. When you replace the cabinet doors it is one of the fastest ways to get an updated look. Homeowners can also select from a range of material species, colors, and even the addition of glass in their cabinetry. Adding new hinges and hardware makes it easy to get a like-new space without having to spend a lot of money or time doing the work.


Replacement Kitchen Doors

Fletcher 3DLOne of the easiest ways to boost the value of a home is to invest in new, custom wood door profiles for kitchen cabinets. These replacement kitchen doors can be cut and designed to fit most needs. Choose from various profiles with different edges and miter details to create a beautiful look. 

For those homeowners who want a new kitchen but do not want to remove all of the cabinets to update them, replacement cabinet doors offer a viable solution. These cabinet doors – as well as the drawer fronts – can be removed and replaced as long as the structural components of the cabinets, called the cabinet boxes, remain in good condition. That’s often the case. Most of the time, it’s easy to replace the doors with a new look, material, or design for a fraction of the cost of ripping out and replacing all cabinets.

Replacement Bathroom Cabinet Doors

In the bathroom, the same applies. Replacement bathroom cabinet doors take a matter of minutes to complete, but it can create a like-new look in the space. Instead of removing the cabinet boxes that are still in good shape, take off the doors and install new versions with various cuts, colors, and styles. Replacement Cabinet Doors is a simple way to get an updated and more modern look. It allows for the areas of wear and tear, or damage to be removed and the space feels clean, sleek, and welcoming. This is a simple investment and one that pays off especially when placing the home on the market.

Getting Started Is Easy to Do

If all of this has left you eager to get started, but the many options have left you feeling hesitant or stuck in place, we can offer a few tips:

  • What wood variety is right for your style? Try to always remember that the replacement cabinet doors are meant to reflect your changing style. While it can be tempting to go with something similar to the existing style, it would defeat the purpose. The same can be said of the type of wood you’ll choose. Will it be stained wood that shows off its gorgeous grain? Will it need to be a heavier-duty wood? Maybe you want something lightweight? The point is to start with a variety of wood that matches your NEW kitchen or bathroom style.
  • Mitered or cope and stick? There are two ways that replacement cabinet doors are joined (built). They are traditional mitering, which has the wood cut at an angle to create the four corners, much like a picture frame. Then there is cope and stick jointing that uses top and bottom rails that fit flush into the sides, and which will often use a mitered joint. These really help to define the overall style of the door, with an Arts and Crafts home often featuring a cope and stick jointing.
  • Are you going to reuse hinges? This may sound silly, but a home with vintage hardware in the kitchen or bath may lose some of its style if the hinges are removed and replaced. You may also be opting to upgrade to hidden or concealed hinges, meaning you wouldn’t keep the old ones. Either way, you need to know that the choice will affect the measurements of your doors and impact the overall style of the finished kitchen.
  • What happens to the old doors? One of the most frustrating things to realize after the fact is that the removal of your old kitchen cabinet doors means that you are left with a hefty stack of lumber. You need to make plans in advance to properly dispose of the doors, and in a proper way. You may find someone who will take them off of your hands or your contractor may do that for you.
  • Have you considered glass doors? One choice that many homeowners overlook is the option for glass panels on their replacement cabinet doors. In both the kitchen and the bath they can add a lot of light and a unique esthetic. There are a lot of different styles of glass doors from which to choose and you don’t have to make every replacement cabinet door a glass-panel door. Think of it like a china cabinet or a place to show off your favorite dinnerware or crockery!
  • Don’t forget pulls and knobs. As you work your way through all of the style choices for replacement cabinet doors, don’t forget that new hardware can enhance and support your style. For example, glass knobs or pulls pair beautifully with mullioned or glass doors to give a vintage feel, while a satin metal pull or knob can add sleek and contemporary style to darkly stained wooden doors and drawers.

At Arkansas Wood Doors, we offer the replacement cabinet doors you desire. Take the time to check out the range of colors, styles, wood types, and solutions for every type of cabinet in your home. At a fraction of the cost of brand new cabinets, these doors are a viable option for most property owners. Order Online via our AllMoxy Order System!