Stonehenge RTA cabinets

What exactly is an RTA cabinet? RTA stands for Ready To Assemble, and they differ from custom-built cabinets. When you buy a custom built cabinet, usually they cost substantially more than an RTA cabinet. Along with the cost of a custom-built cabinet is the time, once an order is placed for them you have to wait quite awhile for the factory to build them and ship.

Because of the time and price of a custom-built cabinet, the Ready To Assemble cabinet has a great advantage over them. With an RTA cabinet there is a huge variety of options to choose from, and if you are purchasing a Arkansas Wood Doors Stonehenge RTA Cabinet you can rest assured that high-quality materials and good craftsmanship are included.

Another Advantage of RTA Cabinets

Time and saving money are the primary advantages, but there are some others as well. After placing your order the cabinets are generally delivered within a week or two (instead of months like custom built), and assembly can be fairly simple. Some contractors offer RTA cabinets, but even if you are not, a good handy homeowner can handle assembling the cabinets. If you assemble them yourself, you again save on the cost of labor.

By assembling these cabinets on your own, you can fit the price of cabinets into a smaller budget. At this point, you may be wondering where you can purchase RTA Cabinets. You are in luck because you are in the right place, Arkansas Wood Doors has a complete line of Stonehenge RTA Cabinets available for you to choose from.

Give us a call today at 479-968-5486, not only do we offer quality RTA Cabinets to Arkansas, but we deliver to all over the United States, to states such as Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and all over, we supply cabinets to the whole country!

Stonehenge RTA Cabinet Order Form*

*Arkansas Wood Doors will be implementing an online custom order form in the coming months, for now, you can place your order by using the PDF order form or calling at 479-968-5486. Depending on your Adobe Reader in your browser you may have to download the form to your computer before submitting.