Planning on remodeling your kitchen, but are falling a couple thousand dollars short? We want to tell you how to make up for the lack of funds and remodel your kitchen now! That’s right, you will be able to remodel your kitchen now, rather than waiting another year or so!

Hiring someone to demo your kitchen takes quite a bit of your budget. Demoing your kitchen yourself creates a huge mess and requires a portion of your budge for dumpsters or disposal fees. Why demo your kitchen when you can reface your current kitchen cabinetry?

Did you know that older cabinet frames are more durable than newer ones on the market? This is because older frames are made from solid wood rather than those that are on the market today. It is hard to find the same quality solid wood cabinet boxes nowadays. Simply refacing your cabinets by replacing the doors and hardware can drastically change the entire look of your kitchen space.
We offer a wide variety of cabinet door or finishing options:

Not only will refacing kitchen cabinetry save you time, but it will save you tons of money on your kitchen remodel project.