Packing and Storing your Winter Clothes

When packing and storing away your winter clothes, there are a few things you might want to consider:

1. Before packing, wash all clothes efficiently

Washing prior to packing will help remove all if any, stains off of your clothes. This will keep your clothes from becoming worse or darkening once you put them in storage and will also help avoid insects from living inside of your clothes. Hanging up everything isn’t necessary. Knit items, such as sweaters, can become deformed from hanging for a long period of time. By carefully folding each item and putting them into a storage bin (the heaviest being on the bottom), it can save your clothes from stretching and will allow for the air to circulate better. If you do choose to hang up some of your items, wrapping them in the breathable fabric is useful.

2. Be sure to use the right storage containers

One of the best storage containers to store your winter clothes in are unused suitcases. Cardboard boxes and plastic bins are acceptable, too, but be sure that they are thoroughly cleaned to refrain from bug larvae. Keeping your storage containers in clean, dark, cool, and dry areas are recommended to help prevent heat exposure, mildew, fading, and insects.

3. Check on clothes in storage


Once you’ve packed away all of your winter belongings, checking on them regularly is always a good idea. Making sure that they are free from damage can save the hassle of buying new storage containers. When you are ready to make the seasonal transition from summer to winter clothes, wash all items again before wearing them.

Bring on the Heat

Summer is approaching very fast. Now is the time to store away your winter clothes and pull out your summer gear!
Step outside of what you’re used to and prepare for this summer’s sensation by storing away all of your warmer clothes. It’s time to bring on the heat!

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