Throughout our homes, there are many doors. Doors to bedrooms, doors to bathrooms, utility room doors, just a ton of doors. Louvered doors are a great option for substituting regular doors for a unique yet space savvy look. You may be surprised to find out about all the different places louvered doors can be used throughout your home.

Great Places to Use Louvered DoorsLouvered Doors

  • Laundry or Utility Rooms
  • Bathroom Doors
  • Closet Doors
  • Window Treatments
  • Around the house DIY projects

In small spaces, these doors are great for air circulation as well as saving space. Also, the louvered style is great for reducing musty odors that may occur in closets or utility spaces. Many of these doors do not swing open, as they resemble the bi-fold opening style, which is great for saving usable space in small areas.

Benefits of Louvered Doors

There are many benefits to using louvered doors or what some may call shutter doors, around your home. Especially in small confined spaces, such as a utility closet, these type of doors provide great ventilation. Both warm and cool air can circulate through the slatted design of the door.

Depending on where you will be installing louvered doors, you will want to select the proper measurement between louvers. Louvers which are spaced closer together will provide more security or privacy, which is perfect for bathroom door use. Be sure to contact our louvered door specialists to discuss the best option for your space.

Countless options are available when it comes to customizing your selection of louvered doors from Arkansas Wood Doors. You can select from a variety of finish options or measurements when ordering your louvered doors to make them the perfect fit for both your space and your style.

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