Cabinet Door Source

If you want to give your kitchen that distinct unique look that stands out from the crowd, then order your cabinets from Arkansas Wood Doors. At Arkansas Wood Doors, we are your cabinet door source. In addition, we carry a large variety of custom cabinet door profiles to choose from. Profiles for wood door edges, wood door frames, wood door panels, designer miter, MDF, rigid ThermoFoil and many more. At Arkansas Wood Doors we have been supplying custom cabinet doors since 1977 to all over the country.

Custom Cabinet Door Source

Custom cabinet doors are our specialty and our catalog has a wide variety to choose from. We offer:

  • Veneer Raised Panel Doors
  • Veneer Flat Panel Doors
  • MDF Flat Panel Doors
  • MDF Raised Panel Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • Rigid ThermoFoil Doors
  • 1 Piece MDF Doors
  • Veneer Raised Panel Inserts
  • Solid Wood Raised Panel Doors

We have mentioned ThermoFoil cabinet doors a few times now, so what exactly is it? A ThermoFoil cabinet door is a type of vinyl that is fused to the surface of a wooden surface. Despite the name, there is no metallic substance in the material. Another term often used in cabinets is MDF. MDF is short for medium density fiberboard that is a high-grade composite material.  It is used in place of solid wood for some cabinets.

The major benefit of an MDF cabinet instead of a solid wood cabinet is that it stands up better in heat changes and humidity. Solid wood will expand and contract during temperature differences causing more maintenance than an MDF cabinet. Also, another advantage of MDF is the cost. Generally, solid wood cabinets cost more than MDF cabinets. This is just a brief introduction to cabinet doors if you would like to know more call our experts at 479.968.5486 we are always glad to answer any questions you might have.