Whether you are in need of more storage space, or just want to get your basement cleaned out and finished for the upcoming holiday party you volunteered to host. Improving basement storage with MDF cabinets is a great way to get started. Many basements hold moisture, are more humid, or damp than other areas of the home. Especially in coastal locations such as; California, Florida, or New York, moisture or the risk of flooding can be a concern. Ensuring that you have the proper materials when improving your basement storage is a must! MDF cabinetry is the best choice for basement storage as it holds up very well in moist areas.

Ideas For Improving Basement Storage With MDF Cabinets

Do you plan on using your basement to host get-togethers or holiday functions? MDF cabinets from Arkansas Wood Doors may be the perfect option for you! There are many ways to utilize MDF cabinetry to improve storage space in your basement. Here are just a few:

  • Install a bar– Bars, whether built against a wall or island style, are a great way to increase seating. Also this gives room for food or drink preparation or service. As the base of the bar, using a combination of MDF cabinets and drawer boxes, you can create a luxurious bar perfect for your space. Using the cabinetry as the base of the bar gives you plenty of storage underneath for whatever you need to store. If you choose to install your bar against a wall, you can then place overhead MDF cabinetry doubling the amount of basement storage your new bar provides.
  • Build an entertainment center- Because MDF cabinets from Arkansas Wood Doors comes ready to DIY, it is easy to put together and install. By selecting various sizes of MDF cabinet material, you can piece them together to create an elegant entertainment center built just for your TV, sound, or gaming systems.
  • Overhead laundry cabinets- Is your laundry done in your basement? Typically, if you have a side by side washer and dryer, there is plenty of space for your appliances for cabinets. Hanging cabinets in your laundry space can provide storage for your laundry detergents and other cleaning supplies.

There are many options for using cabinetry in your basement.  Check us out on Pinterest to see more great options for improving basement storage with MDF cabinets. On top of creating your own custom basement cabinetry, be sure to check out our great selection of MiniWax finishes perfect for any project!