Is it better to Replace or reface your kitchen cabinets? We have a few tips you can use

Is it better to Replace or reface your cabinets?

Tired of looking at your old kitchen or bathroom cabinetry? Do you keep telling yourself “I need to replace these awful cabinets!”? If so, take a moment and ask yourself “replace, or reface?” Asking yourself this simple question can save you hundreds of dollars, and a ton of time.

Many think the only way to change the look of their kitchen is to rip out and replace their kitchen or bathroom cabinetry completely.  That is definitely not true! With a simple refacing of your bathroom or kitchen cabinetry you can transform the look and feeling of your kitchen or bathroom, making it seem as if you completely remodeled.

We have shared some questions commonly asked by those looking to change their kitchen or bathroom cabinetry:

How do you reface cabinetry? There are many options to go about refacing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Whether you replace the doors with a different style or texture, enhance them with trim or molding, or even a simple paint job, your kitchen can be transformed for a low cost. Also remember to change the hardware to finish the look!

My cabinets are old, shouldn’t I replace them? Believe it or not, older cabinetry frames are much more durable than majority of what you will find today. Because of the change in materials used for these structures, keeping your older frames if you can is highly recommended.

In the end, whether you take our advice and simply reface your cabinetry, or you decide to go all the way and completely gut your bathroom or kitchen, when you decide on the perfect cabinet doors for your project, give us a call. At Arkansas Wood Doors, we offer wood doors, 1 piece MDF doors, RTF doors, or insert panels to get the job done.